Mainland Devils
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The Search for Mainland Tasmanian Devils


Although it is not common knowledge, TEN Tasmanian devils have been collected from the wild on mainland Australia during the 148 years between 1873 and 2009 (see the photo of two mainland Tasmanian devil specimens).

Opinion is divided as to the origin of these devils.

It is commonly accepted the devil became extinct on mainland Australia about 500 years ago. These five specimens may well be left over mainland stock, or they may be Tasmanian stock introduced to the mainland.

This website is dedicated to the search for mainland Tasmanian devils, including an examination of the history of the five Victorian specimens, and devils in mainland breeding programs today.

The latest news headlines relating to devil facial tumour disease (DFTD), and carnivorous marsupials in general are presented in the Newswatch column below.

Our progress reports and media releases are announced at right.


NEWSFLASH - Devil captured in WA - Jul 97

A news story from 1997 has been uncovered revealing a Tasmanian devil was captured in Western Australia that year. Speculation is that it was an illegally smuggled pet.

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Read the full Balga devil report.

(The 2009 Grantville devil report, Vic, is also still avilable.)

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Badger Island devils extinct

A small population of Tasmanian devils was established on Badger Island during the mid 1990s. It is now believed extinct.
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Devil escapes in Devon, England, 1868

A news article in the South Australian Register notes a Tasmanian devil which escaped a traveling menagerie in Devon, England, 1868.
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Two devils escape Adelaide Botanical Gardens, 1867

... and in 1873 or 1874 a devil is captured near the gardens. Was it one of the escapees, or an offspring?
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Devil escapes Ballarat Zoo, 1939

A newspaper search reveals a Tasmanian devil escaped Ballarat Zoo in 1939.
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1997 Mainland devil uncovered

Thanks to a reader, a reference to a 1997 female devil body being discovered in Western Australia has been uncovered.
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Evidence comes to light regarding pre 1916 devil capture in Vic

A letter to a 1916 newspaper column makes reference to the Victorian Year Book of 1914-1915 describing a Tasmanian devil capture from forests north of Kilmore, Victoria.
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